Making a Payment

How can I pay for my rental?

You can pay for your rental car using a credit card (Amex, Visa, Master/Eurocard, Diners; NOT Solo, Electron or Switch) or an Avis charge card. For some, higher value, cars, two credit cards are required for security purposes.

We also accept Visa and MasterCard Debit cards in most European countries, except Spain. Please note the card must only say DEBIT on it, not Electron etc

Can I pay by cash?

Cash payment is not possible, as we need a credit card for security purposes.

We regret to say that we no longer accept cash as the only method of payment for rentals.

What if I have been charged for something incorrectly?

Please compare your invoice against the initial quote to see if you have been charged for any additional services.

If you still think that you have been charged incorrectly, then please contact customer service, by calling 0808 264 6666.

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