Making a Booking

Are there any additional charges apart from the basic rental price?

Additional charges to your basic rental rate may include:

  • Young Driver surcharge
  • Premium Location/Airport/Railway Service Charge
  • Charges for an additional driver
  • Extra services such as additional equipment
  • After hours service
  • Prepaid fuel service.

Is it possible for a visually impaired person to make a rental?

Visually impaired renters may rent a vehicle by using a designated driver (impaired renter's credit card to be used and designated driver's licence needs to be valid).

Is VAT included in the rental price?

Yes. VAT is normally included in the rental price.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 24 hours.

Once I have made a booking, can I change the dates of my rental period?

Changes prior to hiring your car:

You can modify your booking details prior to the rental date, including the length of the rental.

Changes when you have already hired your car:

If you have already hired your car please get in touch with the rental station where you collected your car; their contact details are displayed on your Rental Agreement.

Is insurance included in the rate quoted?

Your rental quote will normally include basic cover (Third Party Cover, Vehicle Damage Cover (UK) Collision Damage Insurance (Ireland), Vehicle Theft Cover).

You can purchase additional cover when you pick up your car, such as Personal Accident Insurance, and products to reduce your excess.

What times should I book my Avis car for?

The Pick-up and Return times selected on your quote/reservation are the actual times you expect to pick the car up and drop it off at the end of your rental. When renting directly from an airport location, please give enough time to check-in for your flight.

Avis rates are calculated on a 24-hour basis. For example, if you rent a car at 11am on Monday, and return it at 15:00 on Thursday, you will be charged for a four day rental. Alternatively, if you returned the car at 11am on Thursday you would only be charged for 3 days.

If you are late picking up your car (perhaps due to a delayed flight), then the rental will not begin until the time that you actually pick up the car.

It is really essential that you supply us with your outbound flight number. If we have this and your flight is delayed, we will keep your car available for you. If we do not have your flight number we will be unaware that you are late due to your late flight arrival, and assume that you have decided not to pick up your car.

What if I need additional equipment to be added to the car?

You may require some additional equipment to be added to your Avis car. The availability and cost of these extras vary from country to country and are all subject to local tax.

Equipment available varies by location, but includes:
  • GPS
  • Child safety seats
  • Booster seats
  • Mobile WiFi
  • Snow chains
  • Ski racks
  • Roof racks
  • All additional equipment should be requested at time of booking. Some equipment may be on request and therefore can take up to 72 hours to be confirmed.

Can I make a modification or cancellation without being charged?

If your plans change please call 0844 581 0155 and our staff will be pleased to assist you. Please note that for modifications of Pay Now bookings, you will be liable for any increase to the value of your rental and that no refunds will be made if the modification reduces your rental value (However, you can use this amount to pay for any extras you might wish to take when you arrive at the office e.g. GPS). Avis does not charge Flybe customers for any modification or cancellation to car rental bookings when the customer has opted to pay later for their rental.

If you cancel your booking on the same day the reservation is made, no cancellation fee will be applied.

If you cancel your booking up to 3 days prior to collection you will receive a full refund less 40 / €50 (80 for vehicles from the Avis Prestige Fleet) which will be applied by way of compensation to AFC.

If you cancel your reservation within 3 days prior to the rental date and time shown in your booking, a fixed compensation amount, similar to the average 3 day rental amount will be applied. If you have rented for less than 3 days , the full amount of the voucher will be kept as compensation.

If you do not collect your vehicle and do not cancel, there is no refund and the full amount of the voucher will be kept as compensation.

In order to obtain a refund of the amount you have paid for your voucher (where applicable) you must write to the following address requesting the money be refunded.

Avis Budget UK Ltd
Avis Budget House
Park Road
RG12 2EW
United Kingdom

In order to obtain a refund you must write to the Avis customer services centre ( requesting the money be refunded. An amount by way of compensation will be due.

Non Cancellation Fee - pay later bookings
If you opt for a pay later rental, and then do not collect your car within 24 hours of the pick up date and time, then a non-cancellation fee of 40, €50, or CHF70* will be applied. This fee is totally avoidable if you remember to cancel your car hire before the expected pick up date and time should you no longer require it.

*Charged in local currency according to pick up location.

What information do I need when collecting my car?

The following will be required by your Avis Rental Agent at time of rental:
  • Credit Card - A card from a major credit card company must be produced at the time of rental and will need to be in the name of the main driver. In the USA if there are any additional drivers, they will also have to produce a valid credit card in their name.
  • Driving Licence - Renters and additional drivers must have held a driving licence for at least one year. If the licence is of a non-Roman alphabet (e.g. Japanese) then an international driving licence will be required. UK Licence holders will need to produce their ID picture as well as the paper counterpart (old style UK Licence still accepted).
  • Reservation Number - When you arrive at the Avis location, you should provide the Rental Agent with the Reservation Number you were given at the time of booking. This will enable the Agent to access your booking and proceed to the rental quicker.

When collecting your car, you will be given a Rental Agreement to check and sign. This states Avis' terms and conditions. If you purchase any of the optional insurances and/or services, please ensure that you confirm acceptance of these by initialling the rental agreement.

When collecting your car, please check it over and note any damage you may find on the Rental Agreement. This must also be countersigned by an Avis representative.

Is there a limit on the mileage I can cover?

Rates that are quoted will include unlimited mileage. This means that you will not be charged for the number of miles you travel - no matter how many miles you travel.

Can I bring the car back at an earlier or later time?

Avis do not charge part days. If you are late returning your car to the Avis location, you will be charged for an additional days rental. However, Avis do provide a 29 minute grace period for customers who may have been stuck in traffic.

If you wish to return your car earlier or later by more than a day, then please contact the rental station directly (details will be on your rental agreement), and they will advise you of any changes to your rental cost.

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