Fleet Information

How many passengers are allowed to travel in the vehicle?

The maximum number of passengers allowed to travel within each vehicle varies by vehicle type.

Please ask for advice if you are unsure. In the interest of safety the maximum number of passengers must not be exceeded, otherwise your insurance will be invalidated.

What does 'Vehicle Registration Fee' mean?

In most countries, a 'registration fee' or 'vehicle registration fee' is levied.

This fee is revealed separately and covers costs related to vehicle registration, motorway tolls (Vignette), etc. Depending on the country, the fee is levied per rental day or as a fixed amount per rental. This fee is normally included in the quote.

Can I book a specific car model?

Generally, although we can indicate the make and model that you are likely receive, we cannot guarantee a car due to the high demand of our customers.

However, in a number of our larger rental stations in the UK, and for specific models it is possible to guarantee the exact car you would like to drive. Ask Avis for further information.

With Select Series, available at selected locations across the UK, you can guarantee the exact make and model of the car you book. Click on the "Select Series" tab above and take a look at our latest offerings.

Does Avis offer luxury car rental?

Yes, luxury car rental (Avis Prestige) cars are available at our major rental stations in central London, Heathrow airport, Gatwick airport and Manchester airport. For any other locations in GB we offer a Delivery and Collection service, by pre-arrangement only. Charges may apply. Avis also offer luxury vehicles across entire our network.

How old will my car be?

Our cars usually stay in the fleet for less than 6 months. Our utility vans usually stay in the fleet for about 9-12 months. All of our vehicles are exchanged after a maximum running period of 12 months.

What Avis car should I choose?

Avis have a variety of car groups, which ensure that Flybe customers' needs and requirements are satisfied - whether it's for business or leisure!

A car that is too big or small may cause inconvenience and be uncomfortable. When selecting your car, please consider the following:

  • What type of car do you drive at home?
  • Do you require a manual or automatic car?
  • How many people are travelling in the car?
  • Will any children be travelling?
  • How much luggage will you be taking?
  • Are you going to drive a long distance?
  • What will the weather be like for your journey?
  • Within each Avis car group there are a variety of similar cars. However, within the groups Avis cannot guarantee a certain model, unless a Select Series reservation is made.

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