Driver Information

Is a child seat required by law?

It depends in which country you are renting:

The Law in the UK:

In the UK the law now requires all children under 135 cms (approx 4ft 5 inches) and/or under 12 years of age to use a suitable child restraint. You are legally responsible for renting or obtaining a child seat for each child under that height and age.

What type of driving licence is required in the UK and Overseas?

To rent an Avis car, you will need a full driving licence that covers the vehicle rented by you. It will need to be held for at least one year. Remember to have your original driving licence with you - both parts if it's a new style UK licence. If your licence is in non-roman alphabet (e.g. Japanese), you will need in addition an International driving licence.

If you rent abroad, you will need the original licence and an international licence in Australia but not in the USA, Canada, South Africa and most European countries.

Renters in South Africa will also need their passports with them when picking up the car.

Please note that some countries in Asia and Africa (e.g. China, India), Avis Chauffeur Drive is required as you may not be allowed to drive the vehicle yourself.

Can I rent a car even if I have points (endorsements) on my driving licence?

If you have 6 points or less on your UK licence you can still hire from us. With more than 6 points or a DD, DR or BA endorsement that is not older than 10 years, please contact the rental station where you would like to rent from.

Can I have an additional driver?

The rental vehicle is normally only insured for the person who makes the rental.

If others plan to drive the car, they must be added to the Rental Agreement when the car is collected. Additional drivers are subject to the same conditions regarding age, credit card and driving licence as the renter.

There will be a charge for each additional driver. Each additional driver's driving licence will need to be presented at the rental counter upon pick-up of the car.

What is the Young Driver Surcharge?

In most of the countries an extra fee will be charged for drivers under 25 years of age. In the UK the cost is 39 per day incl VAT (32.50 per day excl VAT).

Driving licence must be held for a minimum of 36 months. Drivers under 25 years old can only rent car groups A-C.

Please check with our call centre for details in other locations.

Are Avis vehicles supplied with a full tank of fuel?

Yes, all our rental vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel. When it comes to refuelling your Avis vehicle, we offer a number of fuel options designed to suit your requirements.

Please ask at the rental counter for further details.

Do I need to refuel the car before returning it?

We offer a number of fuel options to suit your requirements.

Please note some countries e.g. Cyprus provide the car with a full tank but ask you to return the car empty.

Please ask at the rental counter for further details.

Can I purchase fuel in advance?

Yes, we offer you the chance to prepay for your fuel with our Fuel Up Front option.

Please ask at the rental counter for further details.

What is the minimum age for renting an Avis vehicle?

The minimum age depends on the vehicle and the country of the rental. Please see above for the UK age requirements.

Please check with Avis for information for other locations.

How many passengers are allowed to travel in the vehicle?

The maximum number of passengers allowed to travel within each vehicle varies by vehicle type.

Please ask for advice if you are unsure. In the interest of safety the maximum number of passengers must not be exceeded, otherwise your insurance will be invalidated.

What does 'Vehicle Registration Fee' mean?

In most countries, a 'registration fee' or 'vehicle registration fee' is levied.

This fee is revealed separately and covers costs related to vehicle registration, motorway tolls (Vignette), etc. Depending on the country, the fee is levied per rental day or as a fixed amount per rental. This fee is normally included in the quote.

What if I need additional equipment to be added to the car?

You may require some additional equipment to be added to your Avis car. The availability and cost of these extras vary from country to country and are all subject to local tax.

Equipment available varies by location, but includes:

  • GPS
  • Child safety seats
  • Booster seats
  • Mobile WiFi
  • Snow chains
  • Ski racks
  • Roof racks
  • All additional equipment should be requested at time of booking. Some equipment may be on request and therefore can take up to 72 hours to be confirmed.

Am I covered for Insurance?

Owing to the global nature of Avis’ services, insurance is probably the most confusing issue for our customers.

Rates quoted will include all the basic insurances needed to drive the car. Any exclusions will be quoted to you. There will be an option to take out additional insurances at the rental counter to reduce your excess. Excess amounts vary by country and car group – please check with an Avis representative for further details.

Will my car contain fuel when I pick it up?

In most Avis countries, the car will have a full tank of fuel when you pick up the car. Some countries will offer you a full tank pre-purchase option, which saves you having to fill the tank before returning the car.

Is there a limit on the mileage I can cover?

Rates that are quoted to Flybe customers will include unlimited mileage. This means that you will not be charged for the number of miles you travel - no matter how many miles you travel.

Should I fill the fuel tank before returning the car?

All rental cars are supplied with a full tank of fuel and should be refuelled prior to returning to Avis, otherwise a refuelling charge will apply. Alternatively, you may purchase the Pre-Paid Fuel Option. Please ask at the rental desk for further details.

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