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Iberia and Avis have launched a new site, where renting your car will be much easier

Iberia and Avis, two leading companies have joined to provide their clients with the best car rental service, receive the best cars with the best service

After years of collaboration, Avis through the exclusivity in has been providing the best car rental experience. Both companies have managed to offer the easiest way to arrange your journeys.

This new site offers an enhanced booking engine where you can book a rental car wherever in the world and with the best information available to choose the right car and rental office.

If you belong to the Iberia Plus programm you can enjoy some exclusive benefits: More information

In Avis, our philosofy: we try harder, is driven by six corporate values:
  • Global network
  • Permanently in touch with the client.
  • Pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Keen on our daily work
  • Special effort to rent a car easier.
  • Transparency in order to keep customers trust and loyalty.

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