Driving in Ukraine

The Ukrainians drive on the right hand side of the road. Road users have to know and strictly follow traffic rules. Drivers must have driver’s license and vehicle registration documents. Both driver and front seat passenger must wear safety belts.

Useful and important numbers (from telephone or cell-phone)

Fire emergence service – 101
Police emergency – 102
Ambulance emergency – 103
Universal service – 112
Information about addresses, services and goods on 6 languages – 059

Speed limits

In any built-up area maximum speed is 60km/h, in residential and walking areas maximum speed is 20km/h, outside built-up areas and highways speed shall not exceed 90-110km/h.

Roads, highways

Stop on the roads and highways is allowed in special places indicated with signs or on the roadside.


Parking indicated with the sign

Parking is forbidden:
a) where stop is forbidden;
b) on the sidewalks (except if other is indicated with road signs);
c) on the crosswalks and less than 10m to them from both sides;
d) on the sidewalks, except bicycles and cars on the sidewalk if remained width is not less than 2m;
e) closer than 50m to the railway crossing;
f) if car will not detain movement of other cars or pedestrians.

Almost in all cases parking is charged. You can pay directly to the valet who must give you a receipt; through parkomat, sms or parking card which you can buy at the filling station, post or press. Parking cost is UAH 5-10. In cities there are underground parkings, they are in trade or business centers.


Fuel station in Ukraine work 24 hours and it is very comfortable for tourists. Payment in cash or by fuel cards, some accept credit cards. At all stations you will find petrol 80, 92, 95 or Euro, gas.


It is forbidden to talk by phone while driving unless it has hands free set.

Drinking and driving

It is forbidden to drive in a drink state or if you are intoxicated.

It entails:

  • penalty from UAH 2 550 to UAH 3 400
  • driving ban from 1 to 2 years
  • public works from 40 to 50 hours or administrative arrest

Regulation concerning child safety in cars
Law forbids to carry children under 12 years old without seat belts and child safety seat. It is forbidden to carry children on the front seat without a child safety seat. Children older than 12 years must be secured by seat belts.
Avis Ukraine offers a variety of child safety seats for rent; seats ensure highest criteria in security and comfort. If you need child seat you can order it while making on-line reservation or at our rental-agent while taking car for rent.

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