We Try Harder

In the early sixties, Avis launched the slogan "We try harder", positioning ourselves as the world's number two car rental company. Or rather the car rental company that must constantly prove itself to be as good as the No. 1,
again and again. This idea has now become the core of our company philosophy, even though Avis has long since become a market leader in Europe.

Worldwide, all Avis personnel are convinced that you do not need us, but that we're the ones who need you in order to continue our existence successfully. In practice, this means that we take advantage of every possibility to improve our service and exceed your expectations again and again.

"We try harder" is our promise to you that we will always put in the extra effort! One of the tools we use to achieve this goal is our permanent Customer Opinion Survey. Based on the Survey’s results, we take new, customer-oriented initiatives. Only by continuing to listen to you can we fulfil our promise and develop a permanent relationship with you, based on mutual trust and respect.