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General information General information
Additional Driver Information Additional Driver Information
Age Requirements Age Requirements
Drivers License and ID Requirements Drivers License and ID Requirements
Payment Options Payment Options
Credit Card Requirements Credit Card Requirements
Collecting and Returning Your Vehicle Collecting and Returning Your Vehicle
After Hours Information After Hours Information
Cancellations and No Show Charges Cancellations and No Show Charges
Taking Your Vehicle Outside the Country Taking Your Vehicle Outside the Country
Meet Late Arrival Meet Late Arrival
Delivery and Collection Delivery and Collection
Request Pickup Request Pickup
One Way Rentals One Way Rentals
Waiver and Protection Options Waiver and Protection Options
Special Equipment Special Equipment
Fuel charges Fuel charges
Fines Fines

    General information

    All cars are Non-Smoking
    GPS/ETC (Electric Toll Collection) device are equipped

    Additional Driver Information

    Additional drivers need to meet the same requirements as a main driver.
    No additional fee is reqired for additional driver.

    Age Requirements

    Minimum 18 / Maximum 70

    Drivers License and ID Requirements

You will need your passport and International Driving Permit (IDP), recognized under the Geneva Convention. The IDP must have an expiry date of one year after issue. It will be valid in Japan one year after entering the country (immigration stamp). IDP recognized under the Paris Convention (1926), Washington Convention (1943), Vienna Convention (1968) are not permitted in Japan. *IDP issued in Japan will not be accepted. If you hold a driving permit from Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco, you may use your driving permit in Japan for one year after arrival, as long as you provide a Japanese translation of the permit. Please bring both documents and passport to our store.
You may issue a Japanese translation at your embassy, consulate, or JAF(Japan Automobile Federation) .If you hold a permit from Taiwan, you must issue a translation from JAF or the East Asia Relations Commission.

    Payment Options

    Credit Card

    Credit Card Requirements

    Most major credit cards are acceptable including:
      • American express
      • Diners club international
      • Jcb
      • Mastercard
      • Visa

    Collecting and Returning Your Vehicle

    In Japan, we don't accept early /late return except during business hours as there is no drop box in all locations.

    After Hours Information

    Pickup and drop off is available only within business hours.

    Cancellations and No Show Charges

    7 days plus advance cancellation : No cansellation fee applies
    6-3 days advance : 20%
    2-1 days advance : 30%
    On the pickup date/No show : 50%

    Taking Your Vehicle Outside the Country

    Not Available

    Meet Late Arrival

    Not Available

    Delivery and Collection

    Not Available

    Request Pickup

    Not Available

    One Way Rentals

    One way fee depends on distance between 2 locations.
    One way rentals may not be available at some locations.

    Waiver and Protection Options

    About CDW
    CDW reduces the renter's responsibility to JPY100,000 or JPY150,000 (depending on car group) for damage to the car .

    About SCDW
    SCDW is available at local stores at JPY1,300/day or 2,300/day depending on car grouop (Tax not included).
    SCDW reduces the renter's responsibility to JPY0 for damage to the Budget car. However, SCDW does not cover Non Operation Charge.

    Special Equipment

     ETC CARD (Electric Toll Collection): JPY300/Rental Prior request is required.
 Child booster seat: JPY1,000/Rental Prior request is required.
 Child seat:  JPY1,000/Rental Prior request is required.
 Infant seat:  JPY1,000/Rental Prior request is required.
*Above products may not be available at some locations.

    Fuel charges

    The vehicle is rented with a full tank of gas and must be returned with a full tank of gas or there will be a charge for refueling. After the last refuel before returning, please keep your receipt for verification purposes.


    Non Operation Charge (NOC) [Untaxable]
    Non Operation Charge (NOC) is a damage charge applies to renter in the event of an accident, or if car is damaged, or stolen, in order to compensate for loss of earnings while damaged car can't operate for repairing or cleaning.

    If car can drive to return - JPY20,000
    If car can't drive to return - JPY50,000