What documents will I need?

You will be asked to present your driving licence and credit card when you come to collect your car. Further identification, such as a passport, may also be required.

    • Your driving licence will need to be held for at least one year and be from your country of residence. If your licence is of non-roman alphabet (e.g. Japanese), then an International driving licence will be required.
    • An International Driver's Permit alone isn't sufficient for a rental - it only be used in conjunction with a standard driving licence.
    • Avis normally accept up to 6 points on minor traffic offences such as speeding. If you have more than 6 penalty points then please contact us for more information.
    • UK licence holder will need to take their ID card and its paper counterpart (old style licence still accepted).

    • The credit card you present when collecting your vehicle must be in the driver's name.
    • This is required for security reasons and to identify you.

    Please note that we can under no circumstances rent a car to a person failing to provide the above mentioned original documents - copies are not accepted.