Environmental policy Alp hf

ALP hf is a leading car rental company in Iceland and has the exclusive license for the brands AVIS and Budget. ALP hf follows a

responsible environmental policy and is constantly focusing on minimizing the negative environmental effects a car rental operation

can have.

Alp hf intends to:

    - Fulfill laws and regulations and take the environment into account in the operation.

    - Follow the ISO 14001 environmental management standard and constantly improve the effectiveness of the environmental system.

    - Systematically educate and train the employees in order to use resources responsibly and minimize any negative environmental effects of the operation.

    - Emphasize consideration for the country´s nature

    - Choose environmentally friendly commodities and services

    - Reduce emissions from the company´s fleet, increase the number of environmentally friendly cars.

    - Sort the company´s waste

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