Travel Agencies | Avis Car Rental Greece

Αvis cooperates with a significant number of travel agencies in Greece and abroad. Working closely with these Travel Agencies, Avis has created special products to be sold from the Travel Agencies for private and corporate customers renting in Greece or abroad.

The basic scheme of these cooperation’s is:

- Levels of rates depending on the net or gross revenue of the travel agency
- Special rates and offers for Weekends
- Technology integration and sales support
- Priority to the customers of the travel agencies not only during winter but also throughout the hot summer season
- Special incentive programs

All Avis rates, information, terms/conditions are live to all global distribution systems (GDS) for online everyday use.

Furthermore, through a cooperation scheme with a Travel Agency, all employees of this Agency can benefit, as Avis offers special rates and conditions for their private rentals.

If you want to contact with us;

801 500 5555 & 210 6879800 (for mobile device)