Avis WiFi | Avis Car Hire Greece

With Avis WiFi internet travels along with you

At Avis we always try harder so that you enjoy every trip and journey you make. That is why we are launching Avis WiFi, a new service which gives you web access for the duration of your car rental.
Avis WiFi connects to the internet through the 3G network and creates a Wi-Fi hot spot, to which you may connect your smartphone, your laptop and your tablet. Avis WiFi is the best companion for your trip, giving you the ability to access your e-mails, all social networks but also to communicate through skype or facetime.
More specifically, Avis WiFi is a turnkey solution that allows access to the internet:

  • without roaming charges
  • immediately ready to use
  • 4 hours autonomy (when fully charged)
  • 10 m. range

  • wherever there is a mobile telephony network

The cost of Avis WiFi device is 7€ plus VAT per day and provides you with 500MB on daily basis. In case the 500 MB are not consumed during a day, they can not be transferred to the next day and also cannot be exchanged with money.
To receive the Avis WiFi appliance along with your car rental, you can book online or please ask for information at the selected Avis stations throughout Greece.

If you want to contact with us;

801 500 5555 & 210 6879800 (for mobile device)