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Important information regarding car rentals in foreign countries

Below you find all you need to know about renting cars in foreign countries so that there won’t be any surprises during your stay.

What is included in the rate

The quoted rates usually include unlimited kilometres, third party liability insurance and local taxes. Depending on the rate, the following insurances may be included in the rate:

Collision Damage Cover (CDW) with a fixed excess amount depending on the car group chosen and the rental country.

Theft protection (TP), referring only to theft of the vehicle itself, and not to personal belongings stored therein, with a fixed excess amount depending on the car group chosen and the rental country.

Local taxes and fees (for example airport surcharge) may be charged depending on the rental country.

Remark: The renter is fully liable for any damages to the vehicle, if no report is made to the police in case of an accident or if the vehicle is driven by an unauthorised driver or in case of gross negligence.


The quoted rate at the time of reservation is a guaranteed fixed rate. Rates are calculated upon the pick-up date. One rental day means a 24-hour period.

Car groups

The assignment of models to the different car groups may vary from country to country. Reservations can only be confirmed according to the car groups available. The models named are only meant to be examples in size and equipment and stand for similar models within a car group.


When making a reservation through the internet, you will be given a reservation number. You can pick up your car by quoting this reservation number. The payment is made by a credit card directly to the rental station.

Minimum age

In most countries, the minimum age for renting a car is 21 years old. In the USA and in Canada, the minimum age is 25 years old. In some countries, a young driver surcharge is applied for renters below the age of 25.
In most countries, a minimum age is required for superior class car rentals (Mercedes Benz, BMW, etc.). In addition, the renter must be in possession of two different credit cards.

Special equipment

Special equipment such as child seats, GPS, snow chains etc. can be rented at many of our stations. Please do always request special equipment well in advance. The charges for special equipment are paid locally.

Additional driver

All additional drivers must be declared at car pick up in order to be covered by insurance policy. In most countries, an additional driver fee is charged. In the USA, there is no fee, if the additional driver is the renter’s spouse or partner.

Driving license

The renter must have held a valid driving license for at least 12 months. Renters with driving licenses established in another alphabet than the Roman alphabet (for example Arabian, Russian etc) need to present an international driving license in addition to their national license.

Car Pick Up

Avis is operating its own rental stations at all major airports world-wide. You have got the choice: You can either pick up your rental car directly at the airport upon arrival or at a downtown location close to your hotel.

Please do present the following documents when picking up your rental car:

Reservation number
Passport or identity card
Driving license of each driver
Valid credit card


A deposit is to be left when picking up a rental car. We recommend using a credit card instead of leaving a cash deposit. Please note that in most countries, a credit card is required in order to rent a car.


Some of the insurance policies listed below may not be available in every country.

CDW (Collision Damage Cover)
Collision Damage Cover covers accident damages to the Avis vehicle. A fixed excess amount may be applied.

Super Cover
Super Cover is offered locally in some countries and allows the renter to reduce his excess amount to a minimum amount.

LDW (Loss and Damage Waiver)
Loss and damage waiver is mainly available in the USA. This policy covers accident damages to the Avis vehicle as well as theft of the vehicle or parts there of. A fixed excess amount may be applied.

ALI (Additional Liability Insurance)
Additional liability insurance is mainly available in the USA. This policy covers the renter and all authorised drivers in case of bodily injury and property damage. It increases the minimum coverage (if there is any) prescribed by state legislation to a maximum of US$ 1'000'000,-

TP (Theft Protection)
Theft protection covers financial consequences of theft of the vehicle or parts thereof during the rental period. A fixed excess amount may be applied.

PAI (Personal Accident Insurance)
PAI covers all passengers – including the driver – in case of disability or death as a consequence of an accident up to certain amounts.

Super PAI
Super PAI offers additional insurance coverage at higher amounts than PAI.

PEP (Personal Effect Protection)
PEP is mainly available in the USA. This insurance covers personal effects (with certain exceptions) which are stored in the boot and are stolen from a locked vehicle. A police report is required in case of theft.

Fuel costs

You pick up your rental car with a full tank. Please do not forget to refuel before you return the vehicle. You can, however, have the vehicle refuelled by Avis. A refuelling fee will be charged for this service. In some countries, you can, as an alternative, buy one tank of fuel at the official petrol station price (prepaid gas option). Thus you won’t have to worry about refuelling before returning the vehicle.

One way rentals

One way rentals are accepted within most European countries as well as within state limits and between certain states of the USA and Canada. One way rentals are usually subject to a charge, because the vehicle needs to be returned to the pick up location. One way charges are to be paid locally.

Vehicle Return

We recommend to return the vehicle during the opening hours of the return location. Vehicle return outside the opening hours is possible, but needs to be discussed with the chosen return location.


In most cases, there is no modification fee, during the rental. However, the original rate and car group booked cannot be guaranteed. Reservations can only be modified before car pick up.


In most cases, there is no cancellation fee.