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Benefits of renting a car

Wherever you go on holiday or on business, renting a car makes things a whole lot easier. You can pick your car up at the airport, put your luggage in the back and away you go!

Renting a car means that you can enjoy the scenery at your own pace. You do not have to rely on public transport or taxis, and you can take everything you need for the beach, a day out or a business meeting without having to carry it a long way. It gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace. If you discover that secluded little cove where no-one is around then you don't have to worry about missing the last bus - you can stay as long as you like and enjoy your own private piece of paradise.

Thoughts of going home can be really stressful - remembering to pack everything, making sure you have your tickets and passports, getting to the airport on time - but with an Avis car you do not have to rely on that over-crowded bus, or worry about the train being late. And if you take our Fuel Up Front product, you won't even have to worry about filling up the car on the way.

Car hire in 3 easy steps

1. Booking your car hire

You will need to:

Be aged 23 or over at the date of rental ·
Have a full, clean driving licence for at least a year ·
Have a valid payment card for Pay Now rates

You will also need to:

Know your dates and times of travel, and flight number ·
Select your Avis car rental location(s) ·
Select the kind of car you'd like to drive

2. Collecting you car hire

You will need to:

Show us your driving licence and credit card
Choose any additional cover that you would like
Decide which fuel option works for you
Check and sign your rental agreement if you are not an Avis Preferred member
Check the car for any existing damage

3. Returning your car

When returning your car:

Please try and return your car by the agreed time
Return your keys to the Avis desk, or use Rapid Return, our mobile check-in service
Avis will check for damage and fuel level
Final payment for your total rental will be processed, and you will be sent an invoice through post or email

Flight numbers are important!

Here's a tip for you... When you're hiring from an airport it's important to input your flight number when booking, or tell us your flight number when you book by phone. It means that:

If your flight is delayed we know that you'll be late and will wait for you, even after closing time. At certain locations with different terminals (like Manchester) we know which side of the airport to have your car waiting.

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