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We appreciate that hiring a car can sometimes be a confusing experience, especially when it comes to knowing what you are covered for. At Avis, we try harder to make everything about car rental as simple and transparent as possible. That means no jargon and no hidden extras.

This guide will give you an easy-to-understand description of the options and benefits as well as answer a few commonly asked questions.

Legal Liability, Third Party and Public Liability Cover
These are compulsory, in case you damage someone or something else, including passengers and their property in the rented vehicle. By law, these are included in your rental price.

What's covered?
  • Covers you in case you cause damage, including damage to passengers and their property, when using the Avis vehicle
What's not covered?
  • Theft or attempted theft of the vehicle
  • Theft of personal belongings from the vehicle
  • Death or injury to the driver
  • Damage to the rental vehicle
This cover is included in the rental price.

Vehicle Damage Cover
Also known as Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), or LDW in Australia, NZ and USA

What's covered?
  • If the rental car is damaged, you will be covered for the cost of repairing the Avis vehicle
  • You will, however, have to pay an excess charge towards the cost of repair. This can be from 650 in the UK (excess levels vary by country). This applies regardless of fault. CDW is mandatory for drivers aged 23-25 or if you are paying by cheque or cash.
  • If we can recover these costs from a responsible third party, we’ll reimburse you
What's not covered?
  • Intentional damage / gross negligence
  • Damage caused by not using correct fuel
  • Damage caused as a result of a breach of the rental agreement
  • Damage through attempted theft

Vehicle Theft Cover
(Also known as Theft Protection)

What's covered?
  • Covers you for the cost of replacing the Avis vehicle (or parts of it) if it gets stolen
  • If the vehicle, or parts of it, are stolen you will have to pay an excess charge towards the replacement cost. This can be from 650 in the UK
What's not covered?
  • Negligence when leaving car unsupervised (e.g. car unsupervised) or keys safe keeping (e.g. left in ignition)

Complete Protection Package
(Available for rentals in the UK only. You will find similar products in other countries)
Our Complete Protection Package covers you the driver, the passengers and damage to the vehicle. It is our most comprehensive and carefree cover.

What's covered?
  • Excess Reduction - zero excess on tyre and vehicle damage*
  • Windscreen Cover - zero excess on windscreen damage
  • Super Personal Accident Insurance (SPAI) - covering personal accident costs up to 126,000 per person, medical expenses of up to 6,300 per person and cover of personal effects up to 4,200
  • Roadside Safety Net (RSN) - protection on recovery assistance costs for flat tyres and batteries, a lock out service and fuel delivery if you run out during your journey
* Vehicle damage claims are subject to a 25 administration fee.

What's not covered?
  • Damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence
  • Damage caused by failure to use correct fuel
  • Damage caused as a result of a breach of the rental agreement

Premier Cover is available for purchase at the rental station when collecting your car (not available for pre-booking online).
Prices vary by car size. Cover starts from 24.00 per day for small vehciles up to a maximum of 30.50 per day for large vehicles.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)
Whilst our Zero Excess Protection Package covers damage to the vehicle, Personal Accident Insurance provides personal cover to the driver and passengers in the event of an incident.

This is the only protection cover offered where the ‘driver’ is covered for personal injury. It is worth checking if you’re already covered for this from your own travel insurance.

What's covered?
  • Personal accident - a maximum of 42,000 per insured person in the event of death, loss of limbs or eyes or permanent total disablement
  • Medical expenses incurred due to an accident - a maximum of 2,100 per insured person
  • Unlimited assistance and rescue costs
  • Personal effects - up to 2,100 per vehicle - conditions and item limits apply
  • Baggage - up to 200 per any one item

Personal Accident Insurance is available for purchase at the rental station when collecting your car (not available for pre-booking online)
For full policy details for Personal Accident Insurance and Super Personal Accident Insurance please ask a member of staff when collecting your Avis hire car.

Terms and conditions
  • Personal Accident - Maximum indemnity following death, loss of limbs or eyes, or permanent total disablement.
  • Medical Expenses & Baggage (PAI) - An excess of 75 is applicable per claim. Excludes items rented through Avis.
  • Medical Expenses & Baggage (SPAI) - An excess of 50 is applicable per claim. Excludes items rented through Avis.
  • Assistance & Rescue - Cover includes a 24 hour Emergency Helpline.
  • Payments will be made in pound sterling and converted according to exchange rate on date of claim.

Additional Information

Who’s covered to drive?

Only those people named as drivers on the rental agreement are insured to drive the vehicle. Additional drivers can be nominated for a charge. An additional driver is included when taking Premier Cover.

Taking a car abroad

To take a vehicle abroad you must purchase an additional protection package, which is available from Avis rental locations. However, please be sure to give at least 48 hour notice to arrange this cover.

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