Terms and Conditions of Registration for Avis On the Road

1. Object
The following Terms and Conditions shall apply to your Avis On the Road Membership. Hereinafter, “Avis” shall designate Avis Budget Autovermietung AG and her licensees. Rentals executed within your Avis On the Road Membership are subject to Avis Rental Terms and Conditions, which are available for perusal at any Avis office and reprinted, in excerpts, on the reverse side of all Avis Rental Agreements.

2. Membership
Any natural person twenty-one (21) years of age or older and a legal resident of Switzerland who has been in possession of a valid automobile driver’s license for no less than one (1) year is entitled to an Avis On the Road Membership.

3. Commencement of Membership
Membership shall commence with the acceptance of the Avis On the Road application by Avis. The applicant shall have no legal claim to an approval of his or her Avis On the Road Membership application. Avis reserves the right to reject a Membership application for any reason whatsoever.

4. Duration of Membership and Membership Dues
The Membership agreement is binding for a duration of two (2) years. The Membership will expire automatically. A cancellation is not required. A continuation of the Membership beyond the 2-year term requires a renewal application by the Member. The Membership will not be renewed without a renewal application. This clause shall not affect the right to terminate the Membership for cause. For Avis, cause for an extraordinary termination of Membership includes, but is not limited to a violation of fundamental contractual obligations on the part of the Member (such as the prohibition to transfer the card or to use it for third-party rentals), false statements by the Member or other aggravated circumstances that will render a continuation of the Membership unacceptable to Avis. Cancellation of the Membership for any reason will terminate the right to use any of the Avis On the Road rates or benefits.
The Membership dues amount to CHF 30 (thirty Swiss francs) for the duration of the Membership. The amount is due upon submission of the application by the prospective Member and payable by a credit card honored by Avis. In case of a rejection of a Membership application by Avis, any amount already paid will be refunded.

5. The Avis Membership Card
The new Avis On the Road Member will receive an Avis Preferred card and a customer number within two (2) weeks of his or her submission of the application, if the application was approved by Avis. The Avis On the Road benefits will be associated with the Avis Preferred card issued. Avis On the Road entitles the cardholder to benefit from the discounted Avis On the Road rates and other benefits on all rentals for the duration the Membership term. The card and the customer number are non-transferable. At the rental station, the Avis Preferred card has to be presented unprompted for renting a vehicle at Avis On the Road rates, together with the renter’s valid driver’s license. Avis On the Road rates and other Avis On the Road benefits shall not be granted without presentation of the Avis Preferred card at the time of rental. Die Avis Preferred card shall remain the property of Avis. Avis may demand that the Avis Preferred card be surrendered if warranted. Avis is entitled to alter Avis On the Road rates and benefits and especially to alter, cancel, or substitute Avis On the Road benefits and to raise Avis On the Road rates, whenever general rental rates are raised and in correspondence to such increases.

6. Avis On the Road Rentals
The Avis On the Road rates and benefits shall apply only to the Member’s rentals within Switzerland and only to rentals from the Avis standard fleet and Avis Prestige fleet. Rentals from the Avis Select Series fleet and rentals on behalf of a third party are expressly excluded from the Avis On the Road rates and benefits. The Rental Terms and Conditions of Avis Switzerland shall apply to all Avis On the Road rentals. Reservations apply to vehicle categories and are subject to availability. The renter is not entitled to be provided with a specific vehicle.

7. Loss of Membership Card
In case of loss of the Membership card, the Avis On the Road Member has to notify Avis of such loss immediately in writing and without delay. The Member will receive a replacement card within two (2) weeks of reporting the loss of the original card. The Member shall be liable for all damage caused to Avis by any misuse of the card prior to reporting the loss.

8. Privacy
Personal information provided by the Member for Membership purposes will be collected, processed, and used by Avis exclusively for the purpose of administering the Avis On the Road Membership. In addition, the privacy regulations published on the Avis Web site (www.avis.ch) shall apply.

9. Miscellaneous Provisions
Participation in the Avis On the Road program is subject to Swiss law. Should any parts or provisions of the Avis On the Road Membership Agreement and its Terms and Conditions be deemed legally ineffective, the validity of any other part or provision of the agreement shall not be affected. The place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising from or in connection with the club Membership shall be Zurich, insofar as the Member has no legal domicile within Switzerland.

As of: 01/2015